World of Religions

Print infographics telling a story of the world’s most popular religions. The story of hundreds and thousands of years of wars, cultural revolutions and endless waves of immigration. The story which spawned numbers kids memorize at schools and adults memorize in temples. Innocent numbers concealing turbulent history. The print displays proportions of believers of five major religions over six continents. Despite all the good, bad and ugly,

it is Christianity that still remains predominant within many regions of our planet. The gods of other religions tend to be more picky and focus especially on Asia and certain parts of Africa. There is yet another special category introduced – the nonbelievers. That includes atheists, agnostics and generally all the people without any religion or belief in personal god. While the numbers displayed seem set in stone, we should not forget that this is nothing

but one frozen moment in time. We want to update the print in 50 years or so. Our personal prediction is that gods will move elsewhere and the numbers of believers will drop by then. This poster started as a school project and was our first post on community platform It got picked up from there and ended up in the Japanese edition of life-style magazine Courrier. We stand in awe. (Also would love someone to translate the article for us!)

Launch project