Interactive map enabling spatial exploration of personal network of Facebook friends. The project has been initially conceived to find out how deep we could dig into people’s spatial relationship using the API of everyone’s favourite social network. We did what many had done before us. We like to think that we did it better and prettier, though. The map consists of two parts. The first one displays general

statistics about users of Facebook in different countries such as age structure, usage proliferation and else. The second part invites users to log into their Facebook accounts to see how many friends they have scattered all around the globe, in which countries, how far they are and else. It still produces an interesting insight into spatial relations as well as actual relations between Facebook friends

themselves. The map has won the first prize for interactive map at the international NACIS student map competition in 2010. It has also surfed the waves of the popular information design sites like Infosthetics and Urbamedia. And, yes, it’s Flash. Because we didn’t know any better back then. It might be redone in HTML5 or as a native app if we are short on billable work.

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