Year 1980, Ronald Reagan becomes president and North American Cartographic Information Society is founded. And we are yet to be born. This is an incredibly friendly community of cartographers, ninjas of the map-making world. Here, you can talk shit about Mercator without being judged. This epic redesign took their online presence from year 1990

straight to 2014. The most crucial part turned out to be the information architecture overhaul and ruthless editing of the existing content. We worked hard to help organize decades worth of content and not go mad. Hopefully, we’ve managed to create clean and beautiful website that serves well its purpose. Simply looking website hides complex

back-end solution built on WordPress, powering day-to-day administration of organization with +1000 members, annual conference registration, and much much more. Front-end built using Twitter bootstrap, loads of SCSS and some jQuery here and there. This project has been delivered across three different timezones.

Launch project