Largest Cities

Printed visualization comparing the size of the Europe’s largest cities to the size of countries with similar population. Negligible in area, huge in affluence. Two thousand yeas ago, the city of Rome was first to lodge over one million citizens within its city limits. And it has been one hell of a ride ever since. Similarly to black holes, cities suck in every

bits of available resources within the reach of their mighty gravitational pull from which there is no escape. Always hungry for more energy, people and materials, processing everything into intangibles as economy or culture and seamless reaches of synthetic landscape. Forests that once bordered cities become encapsulated parks. As millions of

farmers are turning into city dwellers, the entire planet goes urban, making the delimitation of city borders harder than ever. The largest cities, as well as their smaller companions, will never cease to fascinate us as they inspire the very best and provoke the very worst. This very infographic has been made in a city.

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