(In)Visible Night Sky

The limits of a human eye allow us to see only a tiny fraction of the real wonder of the night sky. We stare directly at billions of stars every night, yet we can really see only few thousands of them. Night sky is a deceived reality happening right in front of our eyes. This map works with that very principle. It shows some five thousand stars observable by the naked eye. Nothing new, you say? Exactly.

Many star charts show us only what we already know, what we can already see. But there is much moreā€¦ When lit upon by UV light, this map reveals vast sea of tiny dots. Those are more than 250 000 additional fainter stars. They sit right there in front of our eyes, but without using assistive technology, they are invisible. Just like with the real sky. Although the map under UV light crowds

dramatically, the scene is a mere fragment of all the stars in the Milky Way. In fact, there are four hundred thousand times more stars in the galaxy than we can see here. Many of them vastly larger and much different than our Sun.
The map has been picked by the one and only Stamen Design and displayed at the Istanbul Design Biennial within the Mapmaker Manifesto curation.

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