Hic Sunt Leones

It looks like every square inch of the world has been already explored, described, photographed and littered with PET bottles. Places that have been visited only by few exist nowadays merely at the bottom of the deepest oceans, peaks of the highest mountains and the labyrinths of dense jungles somewhere on the other side of the globe. White patches on old maps were gradually filled with finest details and there is no room for signs that label no man’s land anymore. Especially cities feel like

there is someone on every corner, was there just a while ago and will be there in five minutes again… It might not be true though. This book slash map explores the dark face of Brno. The face without make-up and tourist attractions. This map proves that when you look close enough at the well known and mapped city, you will begin to see white patches of unknown places again. And those places are – just as they used to be long time ago – labeled “Hic sunt leones”.

Hic sunt leones is first book on urban exploring ever published in the Czech Republic. It contains authorial texts and photographs and was published as a graduation project. One hundred of these books have been hidden all around the city of Brno without any hints. Random people will continue to find them by chance during upcoming months or even years. Hic sunt leones has been awarded for Outstanding Student Design in the annually held Czech National Award for Student Design.

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