European Pie

Series of infographic posters, comparing area, population and population density of the European countries. The unifying umbrella of the European identity conceals the European continent – continent every inch as different as any other. Plenty of nations, desperately trying not to step on each other’s toe. It is a mess and we organised it into

a neat grid layout. As being European means a lot of things, we took the geographic extent of the European continent and unscrupulously nominated everything within it as European. Why? Well is it the subjective and desperately temporary demarcation of invisible barriers or solid physical features formed millions of years ago that really mark the variability

of human distribution? Thus, ahead of its time (and while most of Turkey had to go), we were happy to welcome Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and certain parts of Kazakhstan to the good old European family. Deliciously cooked infographic pie. These prints go well with nice wine and will perfectly fit that special place where the TV set used to be.

Launch project