Czech Crime

The pioneering project visualizing crime in the Czech republic. Used by both general public and criminality experts, we needed to find a perfect balance between communicating clear and simple messages without discarding complexity of the underlying data. We went for straight-forward interface with additional tools for further data exploration. Both client and us, were heavily influenced by the

Stamen’s Crimespotting and we’re proud of it. Initially, we were hired to do the overall design, user interface and front end development. However we ended up coding back end as well, due to failure of other contractors. After it’s launch in December 2012, the site was featured on several home pages of major Czech news sites and attracted more than 30 thousands visits the very first day. It enabled our

client, non-profit organisation, to initiate talks with the police officials and Czech ministry of the interior to open more data to the general public. The criminality map is an ongoing project which will keep on gathering data to improve the knowledge about the overall crime patterns. It will also focus it’s efforts on presenting finer resolution data and more analytical tools in the future. Looking forward!

Launch project