On think tanks

Fuck yeah, we won the On Think Tank competition.

That means additional funding to support further development of czechcrime.org, project we love.

We barely made it through the first round, as it was judged by popular vote and our PR department sucks the big time (we have almost negative amount of people working there right now, so it’s okay to say that).

After the re-launch, our server went down in the most inconvenient moment, we lost misserably in a local datavis competition and we also had a very critical bug compromising data for some of the areas, waiting to be revealed in a very public and embarassing way.

Not getting even through first round might have proved little too much, then. Especially when the results of the Czech ice hockey team provide little comfort these days.

We’ve made it all the way through, though. Shaking of bruises, grateful for all the support and ready for battles to come.

We are painfully aware of all the flaws and try to find all time we have to fix the bugs and make this map like the best map ever. Also to make Czech Republic little safer and better place to live. Winning the first prize gets us one step closer. So thanks On Think Tank Competition! You are very much awesome!!!

November 15, 2012 | Project

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